PERIMETER: the secret weapon of Russia that scares the US

And if the ultimate weapon, that the day of judgment, and there really was not just the invention of some writer of political fiction? A move that is more than a hypothesis is Wired, with an article that collects the testimony
Valery Yarynich, ex-colonel of the Soviet Army. And since Yarynich 72 years ago, it is clear who has lived in toto the years of the Cold War

The ultimate weapon at the disposal of the Soviets, named Perimeter, was to ensure a ready counter to the US in case of a nuclear attack them.No matter if that had razed the whole of Russia, Kremlin including: a series of ground sensors have detected a massive explosion and activated Perimeter.

The weapon, also known as Mertvaya Ruka or Dead Hand, was built 25 years ago, it remains the most top-secret until today. The fall of communism and the old Russia, however, have made less secret state secrets. Yarynich providing cues to tell him, since 1993, in a long series of articles and books, anything that smacks of Perimeter. However, asking for an explanation is the current Russian government, both in the White House, the speech is promptly diverted, showing an unnatural disbelief at the news, almost none had ever heard.

In short, Dead Hand existed or not? According to the former colonel, not only it existed, but still exists, and the Russians are trying to hide as best they can the secret. It is not known whether this falls within the coverage died in mysterious circumstances ("accidentally" fell down the stairs) of a Soviet officer who had spoken of the project to the Americans. In this scenario spy story, one point remains clear: Yarynich has closely followed the project, which according to his story dates back to 1985. A few years earlier, a series of events convinced Russia that the US not only were equipped with everything you need to launch a nuclear attack, but they were also willing to implement it. And this situation did not help to secure the announcement of the famous "space shield" of Reagan. So here is the birth of Perimeter, that rather than completely new weapon was a sophisticated missile system.

The first phase of its operation consisted in the activation, based on some conditions to be checked. First of all, the system evaluated if there had been a nuclear strike on the basis of the findings of a number of sensors. If so, Dead Hand occurred that the General Command were alive. If so, Perimeter crashed, while if not passed their control to the operating units hidden in secret bunkers and indestructible. Skipping the normal procedure bureaucratic-military and putting in the hands of anyone who receives the signal can begin the counterattack. In this unfortunate case, they would have activated the appropriate missiles, hidden and protected in huge underground silos. Once launched, they would have given the order, through radio signals to all nuclear weapons survived the attack, hitting the United States. The funny thing, so to speak, is that the United States itself planned these technologies, but never had the idea to bring them together in one system.

According to Yarynich, and spatial officer Alexander Zheleznyakow, Perimeter has never been decommissioned and the secrecy of the entire project was maintained not only to prevent the United States understood how to turn off the system, but also to curb any "hot heads "that they had seized the Soviet command. Because, according to Zheleznyakow, the fact of knowing that there was a powerful system which Perimeter, able to destroy your opponent in a single shot, would moderate any way offensive. Russia, in short, would have won anyway, so there was no hurry.

Perimeter, therefore, still exists and is the same Yarynich to promote its public announcement and official. Why Dead Hand could be an excellent deterrent during critical situations such as the Georgian conflict, which saw opposing Bush and Putin. And if something goes wrong? If any virus or some malfunction bring the activation of the system? Yarynich is very quiet, because it claims that, in any case, the last command will be given by a human being. Which, I might add, it is not always synonymous with reliability ...