Terrifying sound apocalypse heard in Germany! (Video)

The mysterious apocalypse sounds heard in this time Germany. over three years now recorded around the world, sometimes sounds and noises coming from the sky, sometimes located underground, but in most cases,

You do not know, and you can not establish neither the nature nor the cause, nor the place where come.I first sounds to feel they were in Ukraine, Russia and Canada, and then, gradually, it expanded in the United States , United Kingdom, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Mexico and other countries. Potentially this type of event is not identified could have occurred anywhere; locations where typically are heard these sounds are small and medium-sized cities, or relatively isolated places, which vary from time to time. Presumably, then they may have occurred in many cities chaotic but not be heard in the mix of background sounds; only rarely, they occur with the same frequency sound and the same features: a crack prolonged hiss abnormal, a sonic boom etc., there are differences in the duration in days, months or years of these sounds and their rhythm. The theories developed on these sounds have ranged from the most scientific or parascientific those mystical and mythical, of course not forgetting, nor those related to extraterrestrial or intraterrestri nor those referred to planetary evolution of matter or energy, steps dimensional, aircraft experimental, underground nuclear explosions, trials of new weapons