Our hands are connected to the health of the organs

Massages to allow hands to relieve pain and discomfort and, at the same time, to provide a physical and emotional pleasure intense. Always when a person is sick,
you take the hand to caress her, our subconscious knows that, as demonstrated by quantum physics, everything is reflected in its entirety.


Massaging in a certain way the points that correspond to various organs, action is taken to reflect on the organs themselves encouraging them to react and release a state of malfunctioning of the same. An archaeological find of a hand massage and foot was discovered in ancient Egypt in the necropolis of Sakkara.

These points are relaxing or exciting, and some even become fatal if stimulated strongly (in martial arts films often appear); some of these are located in the feet or hands; but also they exist in the mouth, the nasal mucosa, in the ear, over the head, the spine, etc.

Rediscovery MODERN

The master founder of modern reflexology as a discipline is considered William H. Fitzgerald, the US doctor who, in 1872, he realized that putting pressure on certain parts of the body was able to make small operations without the need for anesthesia. Thus experiencing himself the hand massage, cited such as labor contractions were better supported and childbirth is making rapid progress to shake the woman in labor with both hands two combs of about ten centimeters long and practicing them a solicitation to toe. In 1910 he drew a map of the human body is crossed by 10 meridians divided into many areas, whose parts and organs are the corresponding reflex points in the hands and feet. Unfortunately, since then no progress has been made to bring medicine and thoroughly study these mechanisms (which unfortunately everyone could use without buying drugs, so it is not surprising).


BREASTS FRONT: The tip of the little finger, ring finger, middle, index and thumb meet sinuses.

HEAD: The second joint of the thumb corresponds to the head. The joint must be made to work with specific file extensions and the appropriate inflections. If necessary, you can start from the root of the finger and then, adopting a kind of spiral movement, get to the fingertip.

EARS: The ears are at the base of the ring finger and little finger and their first phalanges. Massaging these parts is very simple and can be done at any time of the day. The part between the two fingers, also, should be stimulated in a robust way, without worrying that you feel a slight pain.

EYES: The base index and middle phalanges and their first match in the eyes, you can feel a pleasant feeling of wellbeing. The massage should start from the joint of the wrist to the base of the fingers.

THE SOLAR PLEXUS: The area between the thumb and the index corresponds to the solar plexus and creates a soothing and relaxing; in the case in which it is massaged more intensely, what results is a very stimulating effect. Massage can be done either with an open hand to the clenched fist. In addition to the area between thumb and forefinger, also goes down the palm.

SCIATIC NERVE: The junction of the hand corresponds to the reflex point of the sciatic nerve. Just move the wrist in all directions, roteandolo, to have a distension of the nerves.

LIVER / HEART: The outside of the right hand, it corresponds to the liver, while the left hand corresponds to the heart.

STOMACH / BOWEL: They correspond to the central part and between finger and thumb of his right hand. Massage them can help stretch your mucous membranes and aid digestion.

For more matches you see the map at the beginning of article.

Source: dionidream