Ancient exercise to activate and balance the pineal and pituitary

This exercise is considered very important in the ancient yogic texts: brings many benefits to the physical level but even more subtle level. In fact, it stimulates the endocrine glands situated in the brain by increasing and activating
their hormonal secretions by inducing relaxation, increase of vital energy and the balance of all the hormonal and glandular body. His name is Khechari mudra which means closure of the language, a particular position of this muscle, which faces inward tickles the soft part of the palate, through a rhythmic movement and continuous. In the cavity behind the palate are the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. That secrete important substances that regulate the endocrine system.
"The foundation of this practice is to stimulate the glands located in the cervical region, and directly corresponding to this position, so as to increase the production of certain chemical substances, able to facilitate us in the perception of the reality thin. In the base of the skull, and more precisely in the sella turcica sphenoid bone it is placed the pituitary gland, or the pituitary, which stimulates the production of sperm in man and woman the development of follicles. This gland is the center of control of life and endocrine secretes growth hormone, prolactin, adrenocorticotropic hormone, the thyroid-stimulating hormone, and others. In addition to the pituitary, we annexed encephalon, another gland of internal secretion: the pineal , which in some cultures mystery was torn to those to be sacrificed to the gods and drawn by the priests to divine the future, or enter into states altered consciousness. These glands are the root energy, the bridge, located between the physical body, mind and soul, along with the sex glands, transmute coarse energies, in subtle energies; placing them at the disposal of the will and genius operator. In parche words are intimately connected to the upper wheels.
And it is the pineal directly support the stimulation of oral massage, causing secernimento, not immediately, of a particular nectar that contains serotonin, endorphin precursor: the psychotropic substance produced by the human body. It notes, in fact, that one of the effects due to this practice, it is focusing on expansion of perceptions, and in a greater memory of dreaming from the first sessions: leading us to navigate in the space of our inner world.
Also through Khechari Mudra we can stop the chanting of the mind, the inner chatter, and there we induce a state of relaxation and abandonment. "
Close your mouth, bring back the language as much as possible without forcing it, and as long as possible, rhythmically massaging the soft part of the palate.
At first the language back can quickly become annoying, in this case relaxes the tongue for a few seconds and then repeat the practice. With regular practice the language will go up automatically within the nasal cavity to further stimulate the vital nerve centers of the brain.
As a result you can get a sweetish secretion, called nectar of the gods. In advanced stages of practice, we can achieve a state of altered perception. Discontinue the practice if you feel a bitter secretion.
The modern lifestyle in which you live in the future projected in continuous stress and where power reflects this dysfunctional state, the endocrine glands decrease over the years more and more their secretions leading to aging, psychological, sexual and digestive . Their function is instead highest in children up to 12 years. Through their hormonal secretions they control the whole body is therefore very important to take them into consideration.