Geoengineering and Chemtrails have destroyed the planet Earth !!!

They have transformed the Earth into a giant gas chamber .The NASA recently released the latest images of the Earth and surprise and something 'changed compared to a 2000.

The two pictures being compared clearly show what is happening to ourplanet , or rather what are doing .I our skies until a few years ago were of a blue sky that merely contrast to those muffled clouds on the horizon stanziavano reliefs .Today instead the blue sky and intense 'a distant memory. indeed that color and' turned into a pale and deathly pale blue tending to whitish, like the clouds , which are systematically "devoured" by the chemicals released from air tankers 24 hours a day, and everything in front of us (well above our heads)
Dear President Obama if that our only planet we have and we must preserve it, as she writes in the tweet , cause you keep destroying it ?? ?…/geoingegneria-e-scie-ch…