The doctor found dead mysteriously anti-vaccine

For thousands of people James Jeffrey Bradstreet was a savior: clearly stated that vaccines cause autismand he promoted alternative therapies with which he cured many cases, including his son and his grandson. He also testified in court on behalf of families who demanded compensation for the damage caused by vaccines. Friday, June 19 a fisherman noticed his body floating down the Broad River, North Carolina (USA) and raised the alarm, when his body was recovered was found on it a gunshot wound up chest, that, according to the authorities , it is self-inflicted ... 
Obviously, many do not believe in the "suicide", rather they think it might be a case of murder, under the threat that James Jeffrey Bradstreet could represent for the pharmaceutical industry lobby.
The doctor used to go against even if that meant denying everything he had been taught; for example, it argued that the mercury content in vaccines, was highly toxic and harmful to the human body, and one of the primary causes of autism.
Dr. Bradstreet had a private practice in Buford, Georgia that dealt with "treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder, and related neurological disorders and developmental" 
His interest in autism started when his son and then his grandson who developed the disease after routine vaccination. Dr. Bradstreet tells the story in his blog and since then began intensive research that led him to say during a conference that "autism has taught me more about the medicine that the medical school that I attended." In addition to the mysterious discovery of the body, what makes you think that Dr. Bradstreet was an awkward for pharmaceutical companies, is that a few days before his death the military FDA did a search in his office. "The FDA has not revealed why the agents raided the doctor's office" reported the Gwinnett Daily Post
Pages on social media dedicated to the memory of Dr. Bradstreet you can read the comments of those who greeted the doctor as a hero but also those who expressed their indignation for what is called a suspicious death, caused by a dirty trick devised by government. "I will always be grateful and thankful to Dr. Bradstreet for retrieving my son from autism," one person wrote. "The treatments have changed the life of my son so that he can grow up and live a normal life. Dr. Bradstreet will be greatly missed! "
The family of Dr. Bradstreet is promoting an online fundraiser to appoint a ' private investigation that shed light on the case.
What seems clear is that in this case, as in that of Dr. W. Reich (killed in prison forever in the US on the basis of false accusations) and the most recent one of Dr. Hamer , (imprisoned in 2004 then released for lack of evidence and forced into exile in Norway), medical care implemented by these "alternative medical", appear to be effective and to prove it there are the many positive testimonials.