In Sardinia a skeleton giant check and immediately silence

A human skeleton probably very ancient and almost certainly GIANT.

Oh yes, you read that right ... but how will this giant skeleton?
The human bones were discovered during archaeological excavations in the nuraghe Barru. We are in Sardinia on the border between Guasila and Guamaggiore. "He was buried about 80 centimeters deep and according to some witnesses is very large," we read in the newspaper L'Unione Sarda, who continued: "He has a huge femur" explains "the mayor of Guamaggiore, In Cappai, immediately rushed to the site of the discovery. "
Contacted by phone by our exploration team, Cappai, she preferred not to shell out only after having revealed word: "the world is coming here, we all call and then there is much turmoil. I'll call you for a press conference that we will do with the Archaeological Superintendence and the municipalities in the area.

Now - said the mayor - some people from other countries complained about the territoriality of this discovery. " Oh well. And then? The skeleton of considerable size exists or not? It has been found?
Almost certainly the answer is yes. How else could the columnist and the mayor Cappai speaking of human bones significant?
And why by experts applies the usual and sometimes inexplicable reticence.
"The discovery - said In Cappai - has aroused great interest in the area thanks to the extraordinary importance of this site nuragico we want to promote cultural and touristic purposes. "
Even better, we add, but it's time to say enough all'omertà cultural-nostrana?
It's no secret: time in Sardinia it comes to discoveries that come out ordinary, especially for voice of "non-experts", then drops a veil (guilty?), of silence.
This story frustrates lovers disinterested Sardinian identity, recalls the similar assertion of another mayor who let out some statement too, and was then "called up" to the order, to avoid being too carried away. He said he had personally seen very high human skeletons during the excavation in a giant tomb. This happened two years ago on the outskirts of Suelli. Sometimes it is true: the archaeologists, a bit 'as some journalists, are mischievous. Fortunately, however, not all.

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