The Photographer Ralph Mirebs discovered in an abandoned building the Shuttle secret of the Russians. Photos travel the world

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The 'urban explorer and photographer Ralph Mirebs found something very rare; It is not uncommon to find abandoned buildings but this surpasses anything.

While venturing around Kazakhstan, Ralph came across a huge abandoned building .. very different.

Initially, the building looked like a large airport hangar, but much larger.

As soon as he entered he realized that you have in front un'edficiio very special ... and what he photographed in it did briefly around the world ...

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L 'abandoned hangar is located at the Baikonur Cosmodrome inKazakhstan . The Cosmodrome is a mile away, and d is still in operation today .

This hangar in particular, is in a period previous to the present course, when the Russians and Americans were competing in a race for space exploration .

The hangar was built in 1974 for the Buran space shuttle, where technology and design should merge to create some of the most incredible exploration vessels ever conceived.
The Buran shuttle program was discontinued in 1988, but the rest hangar operational until 1993 and was home to three of the most advanced pieces of technology of their time. The Shuttle ...

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