European dictatorship: in Greece and 'implement a coup !!!

"The recent European summit is nothing but the conclusion of a coup. In 1967 foreign powers used the tanks to end the Greek democracy. In 2015 they used banks ". And 'the attack by former Finance Minister Greek Yanis Varoufakis, after agreement between Athens and its creditors." The report of the summit as a document with the terms of surrender of Greece, "he added." To read the declaration of the summit - writes in another passage Varoufakis on his blog - it's like reading a document that lists the terms of surrender of Greece. It 'a statement confirming that Greece become a vassal of the Eurogroup. "That statement, he said," has nothing to do with the economy, does not bother to indicate reformist agenda that can bring out from Greece this situation. It 'a manifestation of sheer political humiliation. Even those who despise our government can not fail to see that the list of demands of the Eurogroup is an important outlet away from decency and reason. The statement signals a complete cancellation of the national sovereignty, without replacing it with an entity above-national and pan-European. Europeans, even those who do not give a damn of Greece, must be careful. "

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