Moon: there is' a secret base in the crater Aristarchus?

It is now common knowledge. 
Some, including photos and videos NASA fact throughout history were previously "filtered" spatial entity itself in order to conceal the public an extraterrestrial realitynow that is so obvious that it can not be hidden with these subterfuges. Both in space and on other celestial bodies the presence of artifacts and so-called UFO is clear so that now every day that NASA wants to or not even amateur astronomers can capture the images speak for themselves in this regard. 

A picture depicting a city in extraterrestrial a lunar crater 

in images and videos that we present this extraterrestrial reality seems to manifest itself in our eyes by dropping some sort of message: "We are here and we're seeing." The "theater" of their event is once again the moon by all mistakenly considered a celestial body physiological. We can not but observe that in fact the moon appears to be "prepared" according to a precise distance from the earth that keeps it away from any possible catastrophic event at least for the next five billion anni.Ma who has placed in that position? Perhaps a civilization more advanced than ours?But what is it in straight lines the Moon? An extraterrestrial outpost? - Recommend to explore the topic: "The Mystery of the Moon" by Sotiris Sofias Macro editions - 

Since 1972 no one takes more seriously the moon. By the twentieth century they were made ​​promises about the creation of lunar bases by man, but there was none of that. Today only a few romantics and astronomers peering yet our satellite seriously and the results are truly amazing and this time the images come to us without any censorship. In the same we can see some incredibly fleet of UFOs should leave a crater called Aristarchus . This sort of crater is not really what it seems, that is a simple crater, but some researchers think can be a real extraterrestrial base on the moon. 

In particular it highlighted the Crater "Aristarchus", considered as a possible alien base on the moon. 

Aristarchus is a prominent lunar crater to the northwest of the visible face of the Moon. It is considered the clearest among large formations on the lunar surface, with an albedo of more than double most other formations. The crater is clear enough to be visible to the naked eye and even more through the use of a telescope. 

We have collected several movies in recent years in this regard, noting that more from this very point they originated many anomalies. The same astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong had a strange experience in this very area of the moon. According to a story in the Associated Press reported July 20, 1969, the astronauts sighted eerie lights inside this crater where their lunar lander was supposed to land the next day. 

In their first lap around the crater Aristarchus, Armstrong described a mysterious bright light on the inside of the crater, located north of their flight path. Neil reported that seemed to have a kind of fluorescence and the crater was much brighter. Armstrong confirmed: "That area is definitely brighter than anything else that I can see. The multitude of colors observed not seem to come from a particular area within the crater, is very disturbing. " 

The crater Aristarchus in the film "Celestial" by Jose Escamilla. In this picture we see the true colors from the same crater 

Some researchers believe that the crater actually has a dome and other structures all 'round 

the moon may hide more than what we were detto.Perchè missions on it have been banned? Who has interfered in everything? Maybe it's someone that we see in these movies, a presence that does not want to be disturbed the peace by humans. The same one that has remained a spectator of human development and probably helped us in difficult times in our history, probably teaching knowledge and science to the human race, even though everything is continually denied by those who know and derided by fools. 

Flotilla UFO comes out of the crater Aristarchus. (August 2014) 

Flotilla UFO comes out of the crater Aristarchus (December 2014) 

Flotilla UFO comes out of the crater Aristarchus (September 2012) 

Fortunately in our current society, made ​​by disinformation and censorship, some free minds fighting all this. Besides, the more we try to muzzle the truth, the more those who struggle for the revelation of the same stubborn, is trying to raise awareness with the weapons in their possession. We will continue to disclose this truth without stopping, this is our task and our duty to those souls in search of their place nell'universo.Guardate the video! 

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