"Flying objects leave the Earth," NASA stops streaming live (video)

Rages on internet discussion. In the images we see three unidentified flying objects leave the Earth's atmosphere scientists,
gullible and fans of UFOs in the last hour debate on the net on the last transmission from the International Space Station (ISS).

This is because in the recorded video from the cameras will see three unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, leave the Earth's atmosphere.

Fueling the mystery we thought the interruption of transmission of NASA, and many now have no doubts: "If you fall off the signal and then do not comment, it is obvious that they know what is happening."

Many others, however, are not convinced of the authenticity of the video that in the last few hours are published on the web. NASA has just left the standard message: "We are changing cameras or you are in a temporary loss of signal from the International Space Station. Please, wait. " (Source: The Journal)

In fact, during the space age, movies like this there have been many, never explained or explained in a bad way.

PS have you ever wondered why these broadcasts video of NASA are all in low resolution ????