That's why Steve Jobs does not let her children use the iPad

An article published in The New York Times revealed that the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, along with other
executives of technology companies, limiting their children to use electronic devices to ban them.
The newspaper said in one of his interviews, Jobs said that his children would not use one of his most popular creations, the 'iPad. "We try to reduce to limit the amount of technology that our children can use at home," said the founder of the computer giant. The article reveals that a significant number of CEOs of technology companies, like Jobs, live by rules quite different from those suggested to the American people, by their own companies.

Also, the CEO of 3D Robotics, a manufacturer of drones, Chris Anderson, has total control on the use of any "gadgets" of his children. He explains his choice of education because he saw "firsthand the dangers of technology." "I do not want my children to pass the same thing," he confessed. The founder of Twitter, Blogger and Medium, Evan Williams, and his wife, Sarah Williams, for example, have given their two children hundreds of books that can be read when they want instead of an iPad.Walter Isaacson, the author of "Steve Jobs," says: "Every night Steve made ​​sure to make dinner in the big long table in their kitchen, discussing books and history and a variety of things. No one has ever pulled out an iPad or a computer. Children do not seem to take anything for all these devices. "According to several clinical studies, ongoing use of electronic devices by children can lead to an increase in impaired vision and sleep . Moreover, the researchers believe that wireless frequencies to connect to the Internet used by the iPad and other tablets could represent potential health risks and be carcinogenic.
These devices can cause a reduction of exchange between the nucleus and the cell membrane, reducing gradually the difference in electrical potential of the cell, thereby causing a malfunction that can generate dysfunctions and diseases. Often a place, made unhealthy by the presence of antennas for mobile phones, electrical system and phones has adverse biological effects on a person's life, it disturbs the energy and balance individual, causing allergies and damage to physical and mental health and weakening it in its entirety or functions of it, if only at certain times. Among the harmful effects most commonly noted illnesses attributable neuropsychological as restless sleep with frequent awakenings and nightmares, sleep is not satisfactory with feeling tired or low energy morning, awakening difficult and long, pernicious insomnia, lack of concentration, chronic fatigue, recurrent pain head and back pain, spinal disorders, atypical depression, anxiety unexplained infertility, tachycardia and hypertension essential, pathological manifestations, without proven organic causes, from weakened immune system, headaches drug resistant officers frequently associated with irritability, chills and aging of the skin. This takes place, with widen individual variability, depending on the sensitivity opinion (most exposed are children and women), the threshold level of vulnerability to stress and to the sum of the electromagnetic fields present in the surrounding negative.Taken from P. Zucconi, "The Practical Handbook of being," Hypertext editions