Scientists warn, 9.2 magnitude earthquake will devastate 'the US

We all know that Japan is an area prone to earthquakes , sometimes serious and devastating. So as we all know that it is said that one day the " Big One "

destroy the Northern America. But what science actually says about it?The New Yorker reported in simple terms the study geologist Brian Atwater and David Yamaguchi, and the result is quite alarming. The area that will be affected by the Big One is called " Cascadia "by scholars, and runs from North America to California, to arrive to Canada. The earthquake that a day will have a magnitude of 9.2 on the Richter scale and hit an area 300 square kilometers, affecting 7 million people who live there. Not only that: it is estimated that the deaths could be around 13,000, injured 27,000 and displaced one million. It is also thought that all coastal areas west of Interstate 5 (the highway that goes from Mexico to Canada through State Of Washington , Oregon and California ) will literally pulverized. The possibility of this happening in the next 50 years according to scientists is one in three.

Another worrying fact is that scholars from the discoveries made ​​regarding the interval between an earthquake and the other. So far, the average of years between the various earthquakes was of 241 years of age; but the last earthquake affected area was 315 years ago. What does sleep scholars also is the fact that since this study has been documented and verified, governments do not seem to have prepared enough to deal with such an event. According to geologists, the only way to save himself will not be in the area. Quite as shocking statement, especially considering how advanced the United States as a country.

But first things first. The California is located on the San Andreas Fault , which has a length of about 1300 km and is among the North American plate and the Pacific. Kathryn Schulz, author of the New Yorker, explained in detail the situation of the faults, which will be the cause of the earthquake. Basically, to understand what is happening to the plates just place your hands at the middle finger of both, making sure that your palms are facing down and that the tips of two fingers touching. The "subduction" can be easily understood by sliding your left hand under the right; However, the right, which corresponds to the North American plate, is also covered by another movement. This can be exemplified by bending the knuckles of the right hand upwards. Here is that with these two movements the North American plate is undergoing a compression from the east and is pushing it upwards.

Sooner or later, according to experts, it will take place at the same time that these two movements will be unsustainable and will experience the terrible earthquake. This will concretely devastating effects, because it will have a magnitude between 8 and 9.2 on the Richter scale, will ensure that a good part of the American coast overlooking the Pacific precipitate even two meters, and that it moves eastward a maximum distance of 30 meters. It must also consider what will happen even a tsunami, which will materialize in two waves, one of which will wipe out the American coast, while the other will go to Japan. Beyond the catastrophic and worrying prediction, what frightens scholars is as mentioned above all the fact that the governments of the affected areas do not seem to have equipped. Missing are the tools, present for example in Japan, to detect the so-called "longitudinal waves", arriving about 90 seconds before those seismic. The only ones who would warn the dogs, which abbaierebbero together. But few would connect the barking of dogs apocalypse of California .

Before the earthquake would be a huge blackout , but if it happened at night no one would notice. According to estimates, about a million buildings throughout the area would collapse, as they are not able to withstand an earthquake of such power. But in the time between the earthquake and tsunami would occur other effects, such as landslides and fires, and an apocalyptic scenario where the soil suffers a strange effect called "liquefaction", which is literally in the dissolution of the soil. The last consideration is linked to the timing recovery to the affected area.According to studies, the area hit by the tsunami would be uninhabitable for many years. To restore the power grid would serve one to three months to restore hospitals and health facilities for up to 18 months, 6 months to fix the highways, and between one month and one year for new sewers and drinking water.