The team of scientists at CERN in Geneva, will try to take advantage of the new power of the LHC, to open the mini holes blacks or RingHoles, to prove the theory of the existence of parallel universes.

They'll do it next week, when they turn on the Large Hadron Collider for groped again to open a StarGate and groped to "interact" with a Parallel Universe. It will be for the team of scientists a kind of "mission 'impossible': detect or create holes in blacks minatura and, if possible, open the way to a parallel universe. If the experiment succeeds, it will be not only confirmed the theory of the multiverse, but physical books will be rewritten completely.

Previously CERN scientists were able to demonstrate the existence delBosone boson, known as The God Particle, a fundamental element in the Universe. This has opened up a new way to understand more about "dark matter", previously undetectable, and is now believed to be the main component of the Universe. The researchers calculated the energy that should see the mini holes blacks according to the so-called "theory of gravity of the rainbow."

If these mini holes blacks will be observed, the proposed value of the energy, then we will know if the theory and the ' hypothesis of extra spatial dimensions (parallel universes etc ..) are correct. But the idea is not so new because the large collider at CERN has already tried in the past to reveal the mini holes blacks, without success. So it would be the official version, although according to some conspiracy theorists, CERN would have already experienced this phase resulting apertuta a StarGate, but without formalize a fait accompli.

The energy that can be reached by the LHC experiments will be with the next 14 TeV compared experiments previously made ​​with energy of low power that varied between 5.5 and 9.5 TeV.

The experiment will take place next week is considered a key point. Dr. Mir Faizal, a member of the team of physicists involved in the project told the British tabloid The Express "parallel universes may exist in higher dimensions. We expect that gravity may leak into other dimensions and produce mini holes blacks. Usually when people talk about the multiverse, he thinks of a multi interpretation of quantum mechanics. This is not what we mean by parallel universes, but rather universes actually exist in another dimension. "

The scientists at CERN are convinced that as gravity can flow out of our universe in other dimensional planes, such a model can be tested with the detection of mini holes blacks. If this is confirmed the theory of parallel universes, it is clear that the whole classical physics would inevitably be distorted, and perhaps, you might seriously consider, as something really feasible, time travel. There only remains to wait until next week to find out the outcome of the experiment that could change the world.