Nuclear scientist provides a 'mega-earthquake' that will upset 'the planet !!!

As reported by the newspaper Russia Today (, the famous nuclear scientist Mehran Keshe, provides a 'mega-earthquake' that will change the world forever:
the Americas will be divided in two and millions will die. The specialist refers to this event as "inevitable". The American continent is divided into two parts and millions of people will die. According to the nuclear scientist, it is inevitable. Keshe Mehran, Iranian scientist, warns that North America and South America will be hit by strong earthquakes and mega tsunami, which could also affect Asia, taking the lives of 40 million people. According to the scientist, the earthquake is imminent, reports the online magazine The Express. The prediction is based on a map of earthquakes in the Americas, three with a magnitude between 6.6 and 6.9 on the west coast of the US, three earthquakes in the channel Panama and the recent 8.3 earthquake in Chile. "We observed that the frequency of earthquakes on the west coast American has increased.The Foundation Keshe, led by scientist quoted and headquartered in Belgium, says that the number of earthquakes with a magnitude of between 6 and 8.3 occurred in the last month and constitute the beginning of a 'mega-earthquake', which in his opinion, it may occur at any time between now and next fall. "The collapse of the world economy - comments Keshe - and the order bank, will not support such a disaster.I hope it does not happen that way, but it's something that I know is inevitable. " However, we hope that this can never happen, though Humanity needs a big trauma in order to change a path of no return. The Earth can no longer support the torture that is inflicting the Man on the ecosystem. We are reckoning. We must change course, otherwise it will be hard for everyone, earthquake or