How often do you hear about the Economic Crisis? But what is reality?but most of all, who is responsible for the current economic situation? AL Contrary to what most people think,
money is not absolutely controlled by the government, but by a private institution (Federal Reserve Bank) the bank's most powerful and influential in the world, which is on top of the banking system! It is these private institutions, which have the power to create money from nothing, and then they decide how much money to pay to governments World! the banking system is designed so that there is never enough money in circulation to pay Interest generated from Trust, this particular means that the debt will never cease to exist! Strategy of the banking system is composed of two phases, the first a lot of money are put into circulation, thereby triggering an economic boom, lowering interest rates and facilitating people to apply for a mortgage to buy the house, thanks to the trust companies can hire more staff and therefore produce more! in the second stage, the banks do not grant more loans and raise the interest rate, withdraw the money in circulation, thereby triggering a real Global Crisis! This cycle has been planned by the Banks to make man a slave to this system, from birth to death.