NaturalNews shock: "Just NASA cover-ups. There is life on Mars, not only water "

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On blogs counter-information around the world these days there is much talk of the hypothesis that Mars has not actually show him how. ( Read article ) but NaturalNews goes further. We offer the article:

"When NASA will this block anti-scientific knowledge and admit that there is life on Mars? Viking NASA discovered microbial life on Mars in 1976. "

Of Translation: Cristina Bassi -

(NaturalNews) After years of cover-up of the truth that there is flowing water on Mars, NASA finally admitted what 'we NaturalNews we're telling you for years: there is water flowing on Mars.

I have talked about this many times in radio interviews, in articles and debates about life in the cosmos, but NASA has deliberately covered up the evidence of water on Mars and this for political reasons.

See Articles of Natural News here , here and here , where I wrote: "On Mars there is liquid water, another fact that NASA has extensively covered up."

Today , NASA completed its cover-up by the water on Mars, in a statement admitting "exceptional "that" currently flowing liquid water intermittently on Mars. "

Come on, really? We already knew that.

When NASA will this block anti-scientific knowledge and admit that there is life on Mars?

We also know that NASA's Viking discovered microbial life on Mars in 1976 , but NASA still denies his scientific proof on this front. (There was a huge thrashing in NASA in the 70s to overturn the findings and declare that the instrument was not correct and this by any means)

In fact, evidence of microbes living was validated by an instrument, the gas chromatograph, which It was on board and this in an experiment designed by Gilbert V. Levin. See this video for details on how NASA has put her under pressure a scientist to cover up evidence of life on Mars.

From today's statement from NASA :

"It took several ships and many years to solve this mystery and we now know that there is liquid water on Mars, on the surface of this planet and cold desert, "said Michael Meyer, lead scientist for the Mars Exploration Program (Mars Exploration Program) Space Agency headquarters in
Washington. "It seems that the more 'we study Mars, the more' we learn how life could be supported and where there are resources to support life in the future"

NASA is not interested in the truth 'scientific ... but is playing a' political agenda

now that NASA has "officially" end the cover-up of water on Mars, do not make excuses mass, offers to all those who speak the truth for years for this' about water on Mars.

Until yesterday, all that as we have openly spoken of flowing water on Mars, they were considered "extravagant". Now we are suddenly aligned with mainstream science NASA.

What has changed in the last 24 hours? Only the will of the NASA to end voluntarily to his cover-up anti-science, the fact of undeniable evidence, visible for years.

NASA, you know, is a group more 'political than scientific. That's why NASA continues broadly to cover up evidence of microbial life on Mars (to say nothing of the possible artifacts of ancient aliens who have previously visited the Red Planet).

And if NASA in recent decades has covered up the evidence of flowing water, we must take the obvious question: What else is covering up NASA?
I tell you: There is life on Mars. Just now. Living, playing, breathes and evolves. Mars is alive microbes " extremophiles "that live in the soil and water courses.
In fact, life abounds in our universe, which means that we are not alone.

If there is flowing water on Mars right now, it is quite impossible argue that there is also life. And if there is life on Mars, then life is certainly something common throughout the cosmos, and live in each planet with conditions of heat and hospitable atmosphere

NASA, you have Gilbert Levin huge apology. It 'time to stop the cover-up and publicly admit that MARS THERE' EVEN LIFE. Now


Translation: Cristina Bassi