Campi Flegrei the sea boils, there is 'an intense activity' underwater fumaroles !!!

The lifting of the ground , the increase of the attivita 'underwater fumaroles and of the attivita 'seismic are not at all a good sign for thesuper volcano of Campi Flegrei .
In fact, in recent months there 'was an increase of these volcanic eventstypical of this zona.I Campi Flegrei are a large volcanic caldera located in the northwest of the city of Naples ; the word " flegrei "comes from the greek Flego, which means" burn "," burn ". In the area are still recognizable at least twenty-four between craters and volcanic edifices, some of which have events gaseous effusive (area of Solfatara ) or hydrothermal (at Agnano , Pozzuoli , Lucrino ) and are due to the phenomenon of the video in question and bradisismo.Il ' was published on YouTube in August 2015 by the fishermen of the group FISHING APNEA NAPLES exactly Nisida , a small island near Bagnoli , also home to a penitentiary minorile.Secondo group of divers there would be an exponential increase of the attivita ' submarine of fumaroles respect in previous years. terrarealtime