Red tide kills thousands of fish in coastal Tamaulipas in Mexico

A red tide has killed more than 14 tons of fish along the coast of Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Fish are now disintegrating on the beach which could cause a major health problem for people living in the region. Do not eat these fish they are full of toxins.A red tide is responsible for this fish mass die-off in Mexico

Red alert has been declared as to strengthen measures to avoid damage to the population.Although not a health problem yet, the Mexican government sent emergency teams .

The dead fish washed ashore within the last days. 14 tons, so thousands if not even hundred thousand fish.
Toxins present in the red algae killed the fish.

According to the Health ministry, the situation does not represent a risk to human health, but generates an unprecedent environmental impact almost never seen in the area.You should not eat the dead fish

A red tide or algal bloom is a natural phenomenon creating the red discoloration of marine waters caused by the presence of enormous numbers of certain microscopic flagellates, especially the dinoflagellates, that often produce a potent neurotoxin that accumulates in the tissues of shellfish, making them poisonous when eaten by humans and other vertebrates.