Mysterious giant spiral appears in the waters of Ibiza between Sa Pedrera, known as Atlantis, and Vedra

What is this mysterious giant spiral that appeared in the waters of Ibiza between Sa Pedrera, also known as Atlantis, and VedrĂ , Spain?

Is this unexplained sea phenomenon related to different waters mixing together? Is this weird spiral due to different water currents? Or is this weird phenomenon just a hidden gate to the sunken city of Atlantis? Nobody knows, but the picture is baffling.What is this giant spiral that appeared off Ibiza?

These spectacular images of a spiraling vortex were taken by Jack Lambert are eerie and wondrous.

What did create this strange spiral in the waters between Sa Pedrera, also known as Atlantis, and the island of Vedra, southwest of the Ibiza.This weird spiral formed just meters of the coast of Ibiza after a strong storm.

So do you have an idea about the origin of this strange water phenomenon?

The spiral appeared just meters from the coast after a strong storm hit the area.Baffling and spectacular ocean phenomenon off Ibiza.

Was it triggered by a landslide? Could it be muddy water runoff entering the ocean and being sucked down? Or was it an ocean black hole forming just at the coast?

In any case, the stunning spiral will become part of the long list of mysteries around Es Vedra and Atlantis.