"They're coming, is Nibiru 'means the shock video that announces the end of the world!

"Help, they're coming": a video posted on the web from a user of YouTube, Melissa Huffman, shows bright object and move on to the Sun,

The girl similar to a planet while shooting question: "Can anyone tell me what is it? A planet? A red dwarf? Nibiru?". The reference to Nibiru invokes a theory in 1995 by the founder of 'ZetaTalk', Nancy Lieder - who calls himself "emissary" and "communicator of the message of Zeta" - that the Earth should have been destroyed by the passage of a planet, precisely called Nibiru (or Planet X). But predictions that foresaw the impact in 2012. And the theory, of course, has always been criticized by the scientific community as unfounded. Moreover, in the comments to the video, some users have attempted to explain the phenomenon: "It is most likely a reflection of the atmosphere of the moon. There are more videos like this." But there are those who pulled back into play the so-called Planet X: "It 's definitely Nibiru - writes Gigatless - all emerge out of their minds, they're coming."