NWO: the Global Elite is preparing to total collapse

collasso33The reality of massive underground installations is becoming increasingly difficult to hide. Those in power believed to be safe under the ground whenglobal disasters, which are fueling, will be reality. They are wrong. If the human race will not make a complete turnabout on many fronts, including the cessation of complete engineering of the global climate, there will be no mercy and no place will be able to protect us from what is coming.

Many are still confused about the true magnitude of the implosion of the biosphere that is being done by the day, there will soon be clarity with the conditions that will quickly become more extreme. The Earth is threatened with extinction at the moment, this is a statistical fact. Earth, during all these years, has never been at risk of extinction as well as it is now and with this speed (with the exception of meteorite impacts).

If we want to continue to live and save our dying planet, many forms of human activity should be immediately stopped. The programs geoengineering / global ecocide are the epitome of human activities insane and should be considered as a priority of all to expose and stop the destruction.

Edited by John Fox

Taken from SegniDalCielo