A blanket of black smoke enveloped everything for kilometers around Kiev following the explosion in a fuel depot that caused 5 deaths

Esplosione vicino Kiev
Violent explosion in a fuel depot near Kiev, 5 dead - Violent explosion and visible from kilometers away occurred near the city of Kiev in Ukraine.
It 'took place in the oil center on June 9, killing at least five people, three of them vgili fire, and destroying at least 16 tanks of gas. It 'happened to Vasklkiv, about 30 km from Kiev, a violent explosion that created a huge cloud of black smoke, which spread for kilometers obscuring everything, as shown by aerial photographs taken in the moments after the disaster, the cause of which is not I am still unclear. It 'happened at 8 am local time, perhaps because of a fire from one tank which was then extended to the tanks close eight of which had a capacity of 900 cubic meters of fuel. Explosion near KievEsplosione near Kiev, photo Liveleak According to the authorities may be three causes: the violation of fuel storage, a technical malfunction or arson. The blast prompted the intervention of hundreds of firefighters busy for hours in an attempt to stop the flames that have spread to the nearby forest. Yesterday at the oil center there has been a new explosion; the work shutdown proceeds in difficult conditions since the tanks containing highly flammable products are close together and the risk of new explosions is very high. E 'was also ordered the total evacuation in a radius of 2 km from the center of the oil. In addition to the five deaths there are also 11 wounded. According to environmentalists the fire could cause an environmental disaster on a vast territory, and to this day the column of black smoke is still visible from the city of Kiev.