Here's what happens if you massage this point ear!

Can not you say! But ideas to cure the disease of the century are endless as are the sciences and techniques that deal with it. The
Russian doctor Mark Sandomirsky has developed a special technique referring to the ideas of the ancient Chinese sages and psicoriflessologia. Have been identified on the surface of the human body a number of points "anti-stress" and it is on one of these that is based on the idea of ​​the Russian doctor: the Shen Men point ("Gates of Heaven"). Massaging this point, located on the surface of the ear, it would reduce the amount of negative energy from your body, so stock up on new positive energy. This treatment, however, to work must be presided by attaching a deep breathing that helps to find a quiet state. The exercise of massage proposes to use cotton to massage the point Shen Men breathing deeply and listening to your body, remembering to look to the left as you inhale and exhale to the right. This simple massage has no side effects and you can practice whenever he feels the need, even every night before going to sleep.