Asteroid coming? And NASA is testing Armageddon

NASA iniseme National Agency for Safety has introduced a new system of defense from asteroids. The mission Arm (Redirect Asteroid Mission)

has cost $ 1.25 billion and will start in 2020.E then returns the topical theme of the devastating effects that could have the impact of an asteroid on our planet: climate change (see Ice Age), to earthquakes and tsunamis . To avoid all this, the US space agency seems to have taken a cue from Armageddon, the apocalyptic film of 1998.La NASA will carry a mechanical arm on the ground of an asteroid to 'off it' a piece and then release it into the orbit of the Moon. In this way also the Moon will have its own 'moon'. Romanticism aside, the relatively short distance will then send (in 2025, if there are no hitches) missions with human personnel. This will make it possible to closely study the movement and behavior of asteroids as never been done so far. But that's not all: during the mission to the asteroid, you will experience techniques that might come in handy to 'hijack' any direct meteorite on Earth. The probe with mechanical arm that will work on site will be free from human crew, NASA stresses. Because, you know, the world of Bruce Willis still needs.