Asteroid against the Earth for the month of September, NASA denies

NASA smentisce impatto con asteroide
Even an asteroid, even a date means: this time there was talk of September, it was between 22 and 28 September in particular that elusive sites foretold the end of the world because of an asteroid that would have crashed
to Earth, creating fatal disasters for the whole of humanity. As happens in these cases, however, strange to say and to believe, many have taken the bait: the web, thousands of users have claimed to be entered in panic once read the news, almost out of nowhere and suddenly the cobwebs of the web. But NASA has taken steps now to refute: no asteroid impacts nothing fatal, life on Earth will continue to the end of September normally as always, the planet has not reached the end of his days.
NASA denies impact asteroideNASA belies impact with asteroid
In particular, NASA has been forced to deny publicly and officially that no asteroid is on a collision course with the Earth: 'There is no comet, asteroid or any other celestial body that is on a collision course with our planet', is NASA said in a statement.