Artemisia: This herb kills 98% of the tumor in only 16 hours! But nobody talks about it!

The media obviously could not help but HIDE WITH FORCE this discovery. You must know, in fact, that there is an herb whose active principle, combined with the iron, it is capable of killing the tumor in only 16 hours! His name is "Artemisia annua".

Obviously this herb is boycotted by the lobby because it does not cost anything and the solution to the problem of cancer is very rapid. Pharmaceutical companies point to solutions much more durable and expensive to capitalize on the health of patients, but we hope that you will help us to share this news and make it reach those who really need it.

As we already know, cancer is the most deadly disease exists. This herb, l 'Artemisia annua, is one of those treatments that can kill up to 98% cancer cells in just 16 hours.

That is, according to research published in "Life Science", artemisinin, derived from 'Artemisia annua, has been used in Chinese medicine and can kill 98% of cells of lung cancer in less than 16 hours.

In reality, however, the grass in question alone defeats the 28% of cancer cells; is its combination with iron leading to the total destruction of the tumor: artemisinin + iron = healing ...

In the past, artemisinin has been used as a powerful remedy against malaria but has now shown that this treatment is also effective in the fight against cancer. This is because when adding iron to tumor cells infected, selectively affects cells "bad", and let the "good" intact.

Scientists who follow the research, conducted at the University of California, said: "In general, our results show that artemisinin stops the transcription factor 'E2F1' and intervenes in the destruction of lung cancer cells, which means that controls the growth and reproduction of cancer cells. "

Using a variety of radiation resistant breast cancer cells (which also had a high propensity to iron accumulation) artemisinin has proven to have a kill rate of cancer by 75% after just eight hours, and one of almost 100% after only 24 hours.

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