Excessive consumption of potato chips and fried foods in general increases the risk of contracting cancer.

Mangiare patatine fritte
Confirmation of the European Food Safety Eating too many chips increases the risk of cancer - It 'warning for consumers of chips. As reported in the notice spread by the European Food Safety Authority,
eating excessive amounts of fries or other fried foods in general, increases the chances of getting cancer. All because of a carcinogen, also present in the combustion of tobacco and inhaled through the cigarette smoke, which would be also produced during the frying of foods and in particular of chips. According to experts many baked and fried potato chips in the first place but also bread and biscuit, roasted potatoes and many others, they contain acrylamide, a substance of which could contribute to the onset of cancer. Eating potato chips fritteMangiare, photo g-juliet.forumfree.it For this body the European Food Safety Authority has reported the potential danger especially for children who often eat fries. A risk also confirmed by the Food Standards Agency which conducted a series of tests on various consumer products mainly in the UK. E 'showed that the percentages


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