That's what happens when you put an ice cube in this point in the Neck

The Chinese never cease to amaze the world with their old (but also very modern) culture of natural medicine. Western culture practice natural medicine for centuries, with jaw-dropping results that even scientists.
A Chinese technique called "Feng Fu", which draws origins from the famous acupuncture, applies namesake, located in the center of the back of the neck, as shown in the image, and promises to improve various aspects of your daily life.

To implement this technique, by sitting or lying on his stomach, resting an ice cube in point Feng Fu. Keep the ice cube for 20 minutes (you can use a bandage to hold the ice).

The technique of ice on his neck is not troublesome, except perhaps for the first 40 seconds, after which the initial sensation of cold will be replaced by a feeling of warmth that will go directly to the point Feng Fu.

This treatment must be done about twice a day, first in the morning, on an empty stomach and the second before going to sleep. Once you applied the technique of ice on his neck, wait at least two days before repeating.
Benefits of ice on his neck
Better quality sleep
It gives vitality to the organism
Relaxes muscles
Aids digestion
Prevents colds and flu
Relieves pains (teeth, head, joints)
Improves respiratory conditions, cardiovascular and intestinal
It can relieve thyroid problems, arthritis, hypertension and asthma.

Do not apply this treatment in the event of pregnancy, pacemaker, epilepsy or schizophrenia. - See more at:


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