NASA begins to admit that the Martian sky is blue

The Curiosity rover has recorded a series of photographs of the sunset from Gale Crater on Mars, where it is located. The photo session took place on April 15, 956esimo day mission. It was the first sunset taken in color. The camera hoisted atop a pole to mo '
of the flagpole, called MastCam, it took the sequence within 6 minutes and 51 seconds. The color calibration performed by technicians has tended to enhance the blue for which the electronic eye has slightly less sensitivity compared to Human.
The fine particles suspended in the atmosphere would allow a less filtering to blue light than longer wavelengths. Therefore, the color of the sky is tending to blue, prevalent than the red and yellow tones that are more scattered and absorbed crossing gaseous envelope. This phenomenon would be more obvious at sunset when the light has to pass through a layer of more substantial atmosphere. In short, between motivation and the other, we find that once again they are right the treacherous "conspiracy": the sky of Mars is blue, admitted that both Martian sky then. Whereas the time of the daily rotation of the red planet is similar to Earth, as the sun can fall so in less than seven minutes?
In different areas of the conspiracy, we advance even the hypothesis that the entire mission Curiosity is, in fact, a cleverly concocted false and that the images sent to earth also come from the Earth, from a few desert-like ours-looking Martian .