This evening appointment with the red moon in the sky

The appointment with the red moon. June 2 lovers heaven can once again admire our natural satellite in the summer version.

And the June is precisely defined "pink moon" or moon of strawberries.In reality, this nickname is the result of the European tradition. Every full moon has its own name that varies from month to month and also according to geographic location, such as from Europe to America.So, what the traditional European culture will be the moon rose, by Native Americans will be called the Strawberry Moon.What will happen then 2 June next? Do not expect to see a moon rose shock. What we will see, if the sky is free of clouds, a moon with a halo will be slightly pink, due to the position of the moon than the Earth's atmosphere and the summer heat.And in July the Blue Moon. More than in the case of the moon rose, this definition does not refer to the color of our natural satellite but a particular combination that occurs periodically: a double full moon in a single month. A simple name that had nothing to do with the color of the moon.