Drink carrot juice for eight months: an incredible achievement!

Ann Cameron is the author of many books for children, but in this story she is the protagonist. He tells his story in the blog "Chris beats cancer" (translated "Chris beat cancer")where he found the stories of people who have sought and found alternative ways to act and initiate care treatments for their cancer.

My name is Ann Cameron.
On July 30 of 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer to the lungs. On 1 August 2013 I received the results: "no evidence of cancer."
I believe, from personal experience that carrots can cure cancer quickly, without chemotherapy, radiotherapy or upheavals of the diet. I think anyone who has cancer should try carrots because the results are obvious in no time.

On June 6, Ann is operated for colon cancer stage four, he refuses to do chemotherapy and from that day begins to feel better and better. But six months later, in November, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. The oncologist says that radiation therapy would not help and recommends chemo to succeed in putting an end already written, cure cancer would still be impossible. He asks on life expectancy, two / three years without chemotherapy and not much more doing it.

Ann was upset, so begins to inquire on the internet on alternatives to chemotherapy and radio. He was already aware of 20 recommended substances that were not working and that her husband had tried to take six months before his death from lung cancer in 2005.

One day he comes across in the letter of a certain Ralph Cole, a boy of 26 who described how drinking the juice of 5 pounds of carrots a day (2.2 kg) was able to eliminate cancerous cells on his neck. Ralph was very detailed in his description of his experience and was credible because it was not trying to sell anything to anyone, so on November 17 Ann begins to drink the amount of carrot juice recommended by Ralph.


November 27 Ann is confirmed in his lungs there are spots, swollen lymph nodes and two small tumors, both long and about 2.5 cm wide between.According to the report of the radiologist these tumors were "greedy sugar" and "fast-growth".

Drinking carrot juice, unlike some supplements that are prohibited during cancer care, is perfectly compatible with chemotherapy or radio. Ann still decide to refuse chemo after searching the side effects that could cause.

So Ann does not receive chemo or radio or other treatments. Also it does not change in any way apart from his diet intake of carrot juice. Continue to eat meat, ice cream and allows himself some tears in power (Ann advised to avoid taking ice cream and sweets in general during cancer treatments, but wants to emphasize the fact that the only change made to the dietary level was 'intake of carrot juice)


2 weeks after starting with the juice of carrots there has been no improvement

After 8 weeks, medical studies have revealed that the cancer had stopped its growth, the tumors began to shrink, as well as swollen lymph glands.

After four months from the introduction of carrot juice the lymph nodes in the lungs had returned to normal and the cancer has continued to retreat.

After 8 months, computed tomography showed that the cancer was gone!

The secret, it seems, is that the carrot juice is rich in natural fatty acids, is a natural pesticide with anticancer properties and the carotene content in carrots has a preventive action on the creation of cancer cells.

Ann Cameron after his experience he wrote a book on how to cure cancer with carrots, entitled Curing Cancer with Carrots, which can be purchased on Amazon.

To make fruit juices and vegetables, you can use the blender or food processor, which are tools that you have at home easily. But if you want the most out of your juice, or the live enzymes that are destroyed with the blending, here is a centrifuge that works at 80 rev / min which does not heat to keep intact all the nutritional properties that would otherwise be lost with normal blenders in part .



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