Discovered on Mars the head of Greek god Apollo?

The youtube channel Paranormal Crucible uploaded a video in which you shoot a stone head (probably a statue) very much resembles that which, on Earth, is identified in the figure of the greek god Apollo.

Are literally many archaeological remains found on Mars by NASA's Curiosity rover, including, as reported by this blog a few months ago, a stone head depicting the head of the US President Obama:
Unbelievable - found on Mars the head of the President Obama!

From Paranormal Crucible - Another extraordinary artifact was found on Mars by the rover Curiosity.

Once you are correct shadows and applied the right colors we can see that the Martian artifact has a striking resemblance to the greek god Apollo.

As always You decide but I say that the one shown in the video is not a head of a statue carved from a culture of Hellenic type: