Severe solar storm is hitting earth

tempesta solare
Severe solar storm In the last hours you are in a very strong geomagnetic storm level KP8, one step below the maximum that is kp9, this value could be created with the power cuts,

with the destruction of voltage transformers, in the areas most exposed to particles that are bombarding the Earth at this time, you may experience problems with telecommunications satellites and GPS, also on the ISS astronauts could be exposed to too much radiation and may take the floor Emergency and astronauts should take forms more suitable Station. The planes flying over the poles could divert course to not be affected by radiation. What's more this giant geomagnetic storm we must also signal a flare of class M6.5 occurred at 2:23 Italian time, and to take into account that the region that produced it is just in front of the Earth, in the case of release CME hit the Earth would be in full other causing geomagnetic storms quite powerful, it is reported an intent radioburst, in North America and the Pacific Ocean, loud noise shortwave ....