Killer Hornets alarm, arrived in Europe !!!

The giant hornets from Asia, Japan and China would arrive in Europe in a container of Chinese ceramics and have spread in France, Portugal, Spain and England also is feared.

Hornets-giant-killer Asian-These giant creatures are similar to common wasps but measure the size of a human thumb. Their sting injects a powerful substance that contains as many as 8 highly toxic chemicals for humans. The first six victims in France France has six victims to the bite of these giant hornets well known as Vespa Mandarins. One of the victims is a man of 54 years who was attacked by a swarm of hornets after being disturbed in their nest, surely unintentionally. The substance that is injected causes an anaphylactic shock that if it is not immediately buffered with a cortisone injection is lethal. When the wasp stings mandarins the pain you feel is like a red-hot nail in the skin, as they described some unfortunates. The alarm in Europe is up, we hope to not have to fight in Italy with the invasion of these terrible predators that feed their larvae kill mercilessly even insects common.