Alert NASA, new waste space in free fall on Earth

The TRMM (Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission), meteorological satellite into orbit in the 90 ', ended its mission and now must' do return to the base, ie 'falling back to Earth with the hope that you fully disintegrate.

And 'the alarm launched by NASA in the last hour, according to calculations this latest rejection space should fall into the atmosphere for the next 17 giugno.Nonostante that the satellite had been designed for a return controllatoi delays the replacement satellite, the GPM (Global Precipitation Measurement) scheduled for 2010, would have created a hole data over 5 years. An unacceptable risk to the forecast of the formation of hurricanes and their path. It is therefore preferred to use the fuel that would have been dedicated to the return to extend the mission. Finally in February 2014 GPM began operation. TRMM has finished the fuel on board at the end of that year, was decommissioned 15 April 2015 and will return on June 17 next.